Is America in trouble?
“If you think America is in trouble, blame shareholders, not immigrants; look at CEOs, not foreigners, resent corporations, not minorities; yell at politicians of both parties, not the weak, who have little in the way of power or wealth to share.” – Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and Professor at the University of Southern California in Time (July 6/July 13, 2020)

Are you inclusive?
If you are inclusive “you will live and lead in a way that recognizes and celebrates unique and dissenting perspectives while creating a collaborative and open-minded environment where everyone feels they truly belong.”- Stefanie Johnson, PhD.; Author of the national bestselling book “Inclusify”

Black daughter of a white woman
“I am the black daughter of a white woman, which means that in my family tree there are colonizers as well as colonized people, and I carry this violence in my body. I see it in the mirror every day.”- Jaquira Diaz, author of the memoir “Ordinary girls,” in Time (July 6/July 13)

Corporations on diversity
The flood of corporate statements denouncing racism “feels like a series of mea culpas written by the press folks and run by the top black folks” inside each organization. “Show us a picture of your C-suite, who is on your board. Then we can have a conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion.”- Dream Hampton, writer and filmmaker in The Arizona Republic- June 14, 2020

Stories of exclusion
“The stories of exclusion, humiliation and hostility were all too familiar. But the difference was that they had mostly been shared behind closed doors.” Houston Chronicle. “Awakening to Racism Seen in the U.S.”-June 14, 2020

Diversity is strength
“In today’s global marketplace, it’s more important than ever that decision-makers include input from a wide range of people—the more voices providing input, the better the resulting decisions will be.” Valerie Jarrett, former senior adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls in The Wall Street Journal.