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Latest articles for On Manorama

Driving your Indian teen crazy? Stop yelling and think.

8 things Indian students studying in the US must know.

Hillary vs Trump: The great American hunt for the lesser evil


SandyHook150Reflecting on Sandy Hook: Article features a detailed analysis and review of the Sandy Hook report, chronicling America’s worst massacre of innocent school children. Read complete article here.




slumInspired by the Slum: Origins of Slumdog Millionaire

Article interviews global educational expert, Sugata Mitra and traces the origins of the Academy award winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire.


heppell_reniInterview with Stephen Heppel, global education guru. Heppel talks about 21st century learning. Article can be accessed here.



coverCover stories for School Planning & Management Magazine on topics that impact the K-12 school planning and facilities industry. Sample articles can be accessed here.





Global Portfolio

Qatar’s first taste of democracy. From 1996 to 2000, I covered Qatar and the Persian Gulf for Gulf Times and Financial Times Middle East Energy. Here is an article I wrote about the first democratic exercise in the country.

Meeting Shimon Peres: In 1997, Shimon Peres told me that peace will flourish in the Middle East. Have things changed? Read article here.

1. Blog: 13 tips to avoid getting pigeon-holed in your career.

2. Magazine Feature: Article on the origins of Slumdog Millionaire

3. Cover stories for School Planning & Management Magazine.

3. Technical writing: The importance of school safety.

3. Technical writing: High performance schools lead the way.

4. Analysis: Qatar’s first taste of democracy.

5. Interview: Peace will flourish, said Shimon Peres.

6. Profile: A woman with a strong mind: Chitra Vishweshwaran





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