Obama’s next two years will be tougher, says Politico

Jim VandeHei, executive editor of the influential Washington, D.C. news entity Politico says three unique things will impact Obama’s life at the White House for the rest of his term. Number one is that Republicans are getting a ton of money from businesses, second, the Tea Party movement is gaining momentum and finally independents who helped Obama in the last election are trying to align with the Tea Party movement. Long story short…Obama is screwed. VandeHei was addressing public relations professionals at PRSA’s international meeting in Washington, D.C. on October 17.

According to VandeHei, Obama will have to recalibrate his governing style to bring already frustrated liberals back into the Democratic fold. A big election dayis  coming soon for Republicans eventhough it might be tough in the Senate.

Insular America: The perils of not knowing Queen Elizabeth

The insularity of American culture is very evident in the way children are taught at school. Recently, I pointed out Queen Elizabeth’s visit to India to my daughter and her first response was : “Who is she?” The next: “She’s old.”

I did not want to teach her Queen Elizabeth’s legacy and the adoration of millions towards her nor did I want to instill in her a crash course in British history.  But the response “She is old,” reflects a great deal on the insular culture that politicians and mainstream society have instilled in American children. Unless they know the world, five years from now it will be difficult to compete in a truly international landscape.