My real bio

0-13: Irrelevant

13: Sips toddy; wakes up

14: Rides a 50 cc motorcycle

15: Plays Shylock in Merchant of Venice; girls love the villain

16: Self-drives car, crashes it. Forgets to turn the steering back. Idiot.

17: Changes school 9 times

18: Fails miserably; STEM is not for me

20-23: Shuts myself in a dingy cellar. Studies literature; reads a lot.

23: Monsoon-soaked newsprint lures; Tops University with a master’s in print journalism

23-24: Learns the art of writing crisp copy. Publishes first article in The Sunday Observer.

24: Gets first newspaper job at The Patriot, New Delhi

24-26: Leads a stray life. Eats kebabs, aimlessly walks the streets of old Delhi

26: Runs away from The Asian Age, Akbar’s start up and my first toxic workplace

27: Comes to terms with the past, marriage is arranged.

27: Becomes jobless a week after marriage. Newspaper is sold to sell cement

28: Knocks on countless doors for a job in New Delhi’s hottest summer. Learns empathy.

28: Leaves India for Doha, first plane ride.

29-32: Practices journalism in a world of self-censorship. Gets nice new job but sheikh won’t transfer my visa.

32: Leaves for the US; earns a scholarship at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism; Arizona State University

33: Gets another master’s; meets Walter Cronkite.

33-today: Settles in the US

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