Are you radically inclusive?



Your employees can always speak the truth. They have the freedom to tell it like it is.



It’s okay for your employees to make mistakes. You will allow them to learn and grow from their failures.



Your leaders are transparent. They tell you clearly what’s happening inside and outside the company.



You are together. You have broken the silos and you want to work closely, helping one another.



You will work together to change culture inside and outside the organization. And, you know this is not going to happen overnight.



You will always have each other’s back. You wouldn’t need to suspect people within your organization.



You will develop fair policies for hiring, recruiting, pay, onboarding and other HR practices in the most inclusive way.



You will grow together and every individual will have opportunities to succeed and grow.

The rich love sports and giving most, while faith and films rank way down.

Wealthiest love golf and giving most; ranks religion way down.

The wealthiest amongst us love playing golf and giving money away, while religion ranks very low among their interests. In a recent report by Wealth-X on the “Interests, passions and hobbies of the wealthy 2021,” one in five among the richest people on earth ranked sports and philanthropy as one of their top 30 choices while religion and film ranked #22 and #23 respectively.

The report identifies the pursuits of the wealthy, classifying them as very high net worth (VHNW) ($5M to $30M) and ultra high net worth (UHNW) as those having a networth of $30M plus.

The vast majority of the wealthy (60.7%) are self-made and their average age is around 60.

“Understanding their interests provides an opportunity to deepen relationships with the wealthy in an emotionally relevant and unique way,” the report adds.

Among the wealthy, North Americans were the ones mostly engaged in philanthropy and were passionate about the outdoors.

While sports ranked number one among the pursuits of ultra wealthy men, women found philanthropy more enticing. More women loved art (#3) while men ranked art low (#10).

Surprisingly, millennials formed just 4% of the high net worth individuals and their interests varied with the general very high net worth population. They ranked sports, technology and travel as their favorite hobbies. Philanthropy was important to them but it came way lower in their list of priorities.