Charities should care about mobile marketing

Charities should act fast and raise money through mobile marketing. According to Devin Anderson, mobile advertising executive at Google, people will buy more mobile devices than desktops as early as 2013. This holiday, “more people will walk out with a mobile device than a notebook,” he said.

Searches using mobile devices are increasing eight times faster than those  from a personal computer. Anderson suggested the following tips at a meeting organized recently by  AZIMA:

  1.  Mobilize your Web presence: A mobile presence is the newest storefront. Web retailers using mobile storefronts are reporting an 85% surge in consumer engagement.
  2. Set up mobile specific campaigns: Mobile specific campaigns yield higher click through rates. Keep consistent messages.
  3. Think local: One in three mobile searches is local. Nearly 61% called businesses from mobile sites. Google predicts 44% of last-minute searches and store locator terms to come from mobile devices this holiday season.
  4. Use mobile unique ad formats: Drive local and in-store traffic using mobile only ad formats.
  5. Users care about mobile sites: Impatient users will punish poorly designed mobile sites. 61% are unlikely to return if they had trouble, 40% will visit a competitor’s site while 19% will navigate away from the site.
  6. Track and optimize mobile presence

How does this relate to fundraising? Prospects will donate to their favorite causes from their palms. Good charities that design content for thumbs, not mice will thrive. Simple layouts that highlight  impact will attract prospects. Those who don’t will raise less money.

Three tips for agile fundraisers

We are living in a world where change is the only  reality and here’s what is happening:

  • P&G says the American middle class is shrinking. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, they are shifting their focus towards two consumer categories. First comes the rich and the next is clearly the poor. The “in-betweens” or rather the always struggling middle class is becoming the poor.
  • People are buying more irons, a tendency new to Americans. Iron sales are increasing and cleaners are having a hard time.
  • Your corner hair salon, most likely a franchise operation is slowly vanishing.

We  need to be agile and here are three tips:

  1. Connect with your greatest givers. Meet them, share their joys and frustrations about the economy. Remember, empathy is a rare gift. Tell them that things will work out.
  2. Have the patience of a saint even if you don’t try being one! This is a virtue we need to cultivate.
  3. Look for “abundance” in opportunities instead of  viewing things in one direction. In short, be nimble and adjust your plans and projects quickly.