Plugging into the earth

My latest story on geothermal energy in schools. Despite a slow start in its early days, more school districts are embracing geothermal technology as a viable source of energy to power their school buildings. A growing interest in renewable energy, cost savings and popular sentiment against dependence on foreign oil is swaying communities and school boards, mostly in the Southwest, to opt for geothermal energy sources. To access article, click here.

118 seconds to sell: The rest is crap.

Jeffrey Hayzlett has turned Kodak into a living, breathing company after years of huge losses and a dumb business model. I met Hayzlett at a recent PRSA conference where he  urged practitioners to be bold, and ready to make mistakes. Five years ago, Kodak was running at a $15 bn loss, had to undergo massive losses and has been converted into an efficient operation that now sells products that are leaders in their segments.

For Hayzlett, we have just 118 seconds to sell. Eight seconds to describe who we are and 110 to describe what value we bring to the table. The rest is BS nobody wants to hear. Hayzlett urged leaders to cause tension across the organization so that businesses understand their core values. He described how Kodak has finally understood that it is in the “emotional technology” business and urged leaders to get back to the core of their business and try to win the hearts and minds of customers.