Three tips for agile fundraisers

We are living in a world where change is the only  reality and here’s what is happening:

  • P&G says the American middle class is shrinking. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, they are shifting their focus towards two consumer categories. First comes the rich and the next is clearly the poor. The “in-betweens” or rather the always struggling middle class is becoming the poor.
  • People are buying more irons, a tendency new to Americans. Iron sales are increasing and cleaners are having a hard time.
  • Your corner hair salon, most likely a franchise operation is slowly vanishing.

We  need to be agile and here are three tips:

  1. Connect with your greatest givers. Meet them, share their joys and frustrations about the economy. Remember, empathy is a rare gift. Tell them that things will work out.
  2. Have the patience of a saint even if you don’t try being one! This is a virtue we need to cultivate.
  3. Look for “abundance” in opportunities instead of  viewing things in one direction. In short, be nimble and adjust your plans and projects quickly.

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