The right ambience is key to marketing

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I recently visited Cafe’ du Monde in New Orleans to enjoy their world famous beignets and coffee. Here, I learned why creating the right ambience is important for us marketers. Here are some shareable marketing tips that I hope will be useful to you:

  • The open air coffee stand creates a feeling of harmony, a communal atmosphere. You feel you are among like-minded people who want to enjoy a slice of New Orleans history. The product and the service create a feeling of togetherness in an open air restaurant with basic furniture.
  • The beignets are great, of consistent, high quality. They accept only cash and even at 7 am, the lines outside can be long. Value has already been sold.
  • This place is not for everyone. And, we won’t feel sorry if you don’t come. Cafe’ Du Monde is for people who really love a great experience eating beignets. They discovered their smallest viable audience in the late 1860s and can demand that they accept only cash. It is not for everyone.
  • Simplicity triumphs- a few high quality items, very affordable pricing, straightforward ordering and quick delivery.
  • No Facebook, Twitter or SEO-based marketing. Cafe’ Du Monde doesn’t need any of our social media gimmicks. Word of mouth has kept them in business for over a century.
  • Once you create the right ambience, a feeling of community, trust, and generosity will follow your product or service. Not convinced? The next time you are in New Orleans, spend some time there. (300 words or less. 248 words)

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