I want to be CEO: A few tips

If you want to be a CEO, read The Prince again. Bring out your Machiavellian thoughts. At least this was the message from two young Valley CEOs- Ryan Suchala, President, Bank of Arizona and Paul Luna, President/CEO at the Helios Foundation. Ryan, Paul and Rachel Bennett Yanof, Executive Director at  Phoenix Colegiate Academy gave several tips today on how they became CEOs. Here are some interesting tips:

Network. Network. Network.

Get good mentors- people who can tell it like it is.

  • Work hard and always be present in your work. Do not get distracted and give your 100 percent when you are at work.
  • Do not be afraid to fail. But remember to learn your lesson and never repeat what happened.
  • Learn to manage your expectations and gain credibility in your work.
  • Try to replace ambition with excitement
  • Manage your work-life balance eventhough at times this can be stressful. Take a break and get your mind rested.
  • You will be called either to fix problems or grow your business. Focus on what your business needs and act on that.
  • A few interesting books: Covey’s Seven Habits, M Factor, Work Hard, Be Nice, Lynchpin, The Goal, Difficult Conversations and Leadership as an Art. By the way, Luna said read The Godfather and not just watch the movie.
  • A good Web site? Go to ted.com.
  • Lastly, read your ongoing MBA: The Wall Street Journal every day.

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