Impact drives income for the Third Sector

This morning I listened to Tom Suddes from The Suddes Group, who said the entire Third Sector should believe in how their impact will drive income. I felt this is all what I needed to know in fundraising. For all those Third Sector firms struggling with ways to generate income, the solution is simple. Identify your impact, tell your story well and go visit your best prospects. Suddes said all we need to do is identify our top 33 prospects and just ask!

The greatest thing I learned? Avoid prospects without capacity. They are a waste of time. Besides that, I also learned some new meaningful words that are giving way to old, archaic terms being used in development offices across the country.

The New Vocabulary (Developed by The Suddes Group)



Not  for Profit For Impact
Charity Cause; Philanthropy
Tax Exempt Social Entrepreneurs
Mission Statement Message
Survival Future
Inform Involve
On the Board On Board
Competition Collaboration
Cultivation Engagement
Donor/Donation Investor
“Warm Fuzzies” Return on Investment
Campaigns Experiences
Transactions Relationships
Cold Calls Pre-dispositions
Appointments Visits
Ask for Money Present the Opportunity

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