Creating hubs of capitalism in emerging economies

Multinationals are eyeing a piece of the bottomless pit. The pit is full of  clusters of strange consumers living in untapped regions, largely in emerging economies. They are 4 billion strong, each earns less than $3,000 annually  but plays a vital role in a $5 trillion untapped global market. The challenge for businesses in coming years will be to identify ways to tap this market- even a slice will be gravy. Some are trying with partnerships, others are seeking investment opportunities, but those who succeed eventually will be companies who view sustainability as an opportunity.

Businesses that view sustainable initiatives in emerging economies like India will create hubs of capitalism. As they harness technologies to develop innovative solutions for these clusters, they will empower them and create profitable margins. This requires a lot of hard work, a willingness to collaborate, understand, and above all empathize with folks who have for centuries been denied mainstream economic comfort. In an inter-connected world, small people with big dreams will soon control these hubs and a largely dictatorial system of Indian entrepreneurship will die.

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