The end of warm and fuzzy non-profit stories

Listened to Jason Saul speak on social innovation recently. Here are excerpts:
Nobody wants warm and fuzzy non-profit stories anymore. (We are all in the same boat!)
The days of selling “feel good,” and “warm and fuzzy,” are over for non-profits.  Corporations who traditionally supported them are asking” “What can we and people get back?” An emerging social capital market is seeking social outcomes that have real, tangible value. Businesses want business results from philanthropy and it is a fact.
Businesses want an economic benefit from philanthropy.
It is OK now to expect an economic benefit from a charitable donation, in simple terms.  Target “Impact buyers,” people who value outcomes and have the ability to pay for srevices. The big impact buyers include:
  1. Upstream consumers
  2. Social Investors
  3. Corporate Partners
  4. Beneficiaries
  5. Service Providers
It’s not about us, it’s about them.
Blackberry wanted an alliance with Free the Children. Sought out their 1 million plus database where Blackberry’s latest smart phone gadgets could get exposure and Free the Children received a benefit- a six million dollar gift. What is the value pricing we are offering? Let’s sell outcomes not programs and translate this into what people understand. 

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