Gems in crisis communications

The last time I listened to David Leibowitz was almost a decade ago as a student at the Cronkite school.  David was a well-known radio host in Phoneix and since then has started his firm, Leibowitz Solo. He  shared some gems in crisis communications at a meeting organized recently by the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. Below are simple, common sense nuggets from David that we often forget in panick mode:

  • Always be prepared. Build your team, know your stakeholders, anticipate, prepare and practice.
  • When you are in a hole, stop digging. Gather accurate information quickly, develop key messages and stick to the same message across different media.
  • If there’s a problem, publicly acknowledge it instead of hiding.
  • Tell the truth. Avoid “No comment.”
  • Have the candor to take action, minimize confusion and find the truth.
  • Be a human being, not a spokesperson. Show empathy as compassion is mission-critical.


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