Phoenix Funders Eye Basic Services

The new normal is here to stay.

Major Phoenix funders will keep giving to causes that focus on food, shelter and clothing. This recently led Bank of America to shift its giving priorities to three critical areas:  housing, jobs and hunger. According to Maria Echeveste at Bank of America, this reflects the realities of the Phoenix market.

Funders want to help families relying on food banks and shelters so that they achieve self-sufficiency.  According to Jodi Liggett at the Arizona Foundation for Women, their major priority is to strengthen single moms and their families. A single mom with two kids needs to make $20 per hour and have a college degreee to achieve self-sufficiency in the Phoenix market.

The Safeway Foundation also has its priorities focused on helping the disabled and providing health and hunger relief for individuals. The funders highlighted their major giving priorities at a recent grants forum organized by the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits.

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