IT, auto industry lead corporate social responsibility in India

IT, auto industry lead corporate social responsibility in India.

The 2 Percent Project

imagesInformation technology and the auto industry lead corporate social responsibility initiatives in India, according to a study led by researchers at Thapar University.  The researchers,  Drs. Anupam Sharma and Ravi Kiran studied CSR policy initiatives and implementation among 12 large corporations in India. They found that  IT and auto manufacturers invested more in health, education and the environment compared to those in the FCMG industry.

The study also found that large businesses invested heavily in providing free education, healthcare counseling sessions and creating greater awareness about product recycling across three major sectors namely, education, health and environment.

In education,  businesses invested in training programs, educational camps in rural areas and in running rural schools. They showed less interest in donating computers to schools, and in running educational programs in underserved areas.  In environment, businesses  focused on product recycling, water preservation, waste minimization and controlling pollution. Initiatives like tree planting or…

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