To market content, be a good news editor

It was 1996, one of the hottest summers in New Delhi’s history. I roamed the streets of India’s famed capital at night while working the day shift at the now defunct Patriot, a training ground for aspiring Indian journalists. Few read thePatriot, but it gave readers what they wanted. The newsroom was filled with talented storytellers who knew what their readers wanted every morning.

Fast forward, 20 years later and with two journalism degrees, I can attest with confidence that a good news editor can transform any business wanting to reach consumers across different platforms. What content (news) does my consumer want? How much content can I strategically place and where? (the news lead) Will my content get converted? (the feedback loop)

Content management is an important part of today’s marketing and sales functions, in enterprises small and big. Content can be king, creating conversations of value and helping marketers close deals. Content can be crap when you push unwanted stuff to get higher search engine rankings. Here is why great news room managers can create content that positively impacts the bottom-line.

  1. Skilled news room editors understand great leads. They will know the exact amount of content that your audience needs to make a purchasing decision. They will evoke curiosity, not boredom among your customers.
  2. Your customers will receive crisp, simple, delightful content.
  3. They can expect a clear beginning, a middle and  a good nudge to to make an easy purchasing decision.
  4. Your business will add empathy to the sales process and you will close by building long-term relationships.
  5. Trained news folks will think in terms of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). In today’s content marketing, answering your customers’ questions with ease moves the sales process forward.

So, why wait? Hire newsroom editors to manage your content. They will understand the pulse of your customer fast and will know how to add value.

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