How long will you sharpen your pencil?

Imagine working hard and giving your best to a project but your client wants a faster outcome. You are investing your emotional labor and wants to convince your client about what is in their best interest. There are no gimmicks and it’s total sincerity and dedication.

However, the client pushes back seeking aggressive deadlines and wants an early closure on the project even though it has not been delayed and is very well on track. Here, you can do one of two things. You can keep convincing the client that there is more to be done, more research and more perfection. Or, you could say that you have tried your best and here you go.

You can keep sharpening your pencil but you will reach a stage where you will find no more lead.

So, let it go. Let’s ship it and forget the outcome. Holding on won’t do you or your client any good. Perfection wastes time and money.

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