The marketer people missed

vhs_tapes_on_library_shelvesOver two decades ago, I worked in a video library. We rented VHS tapes and delivered them to middle class Indians who could afford a video player. My job was to manage the lone door to door delivery guy. I learned 3 key skills from him:
1. Listen to your customer and be authentic. Understand more about the needs and wants of your customers. This delivery guy became more of a trusted family member within a few weeks.
2. Care about your customer. Find out what they really want and always deliver on time. Very soon, people started missing the delivery guy more than watching new films. He struck an emotional chord with the families.
3. Be honest. If he didn’t have the product or service, he never left them blank. Instead, he would find an option for them always. He became the marketer people missed. Can you be one?

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