Will privacy laws impact digital fundraising?

Digital fundraising is catching up fast, thanks to donors not picking up phones or totally ignoring direct mail. Email marketing, crowdfunding and Giving Days are engaging more people digitally, especially alumni in higher education. Will this trend last?

The proposed federal regulations to protect consumer privacy in the US will have an impact on online fundraising. If I can’t trust private companies with my data, will I really give online?

I believe that face to face fundraising will be the number one revenue generator for nonprofits seeking charitable gifts. A conversation with a fellow human being about their philanthropic intent has its own value. However, a 2018 survey done by the consultancy firm, Bentz Whaley Flessner, predicts a bright future for digital fundraisers. People are finding it more easy to connect online than through the phone.

Charitable organizations are using social media, promoted advertisements and influencers to raise awareness and seek donations. And, digital fundraisers with special skills in SEO marketing, online display advertisements and Facebook paid social advertisements will have huge demand.

Companies will have to drive human connection and build a sustainable, long-term funding option using digital fundraising. The only way is to build trust online with constituents so that they feel secure, confident, and are not being manipulated.

I am worried. Recently, Roger McNamee, an early investor in Facebook wrote in Time: “Google and Facebook are artificially profitable because they do not pay for the damage they cause.” Hope we don’t cause any damage to the trust that donors give us.

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