Dear Donor….

Dear Donor,

I hope that you and your family are doing well! I cannot imagine otherwise in these dark times as your philanthropy has been a shining ray of hope.

Over the past several weeks, like you, I’ve been stuck at home. Our world has changed and people who fought over hand sanitizers are now debating about face masks.

Together, we’ve gone through intense trauma. Racial intolerance and social injustice have deeply affected our conscience as human beings. There is a long journey ahead for us to create an equitable society for all.

Amid all this turmoil, I’ve often wondered what you would be doing. Are you safe and healthy? Are you okay at your job? Are your investments stable?

Your gifts came from your hard-earned money. You never thought twice when you gave, did you? Neither did we when we accepted your generosity.

In days of forced uncertainty, I feel proud of what we have accomplished together. While I miss our friendly face to face meetings, I’ve never missed the way you gave your gifts, always with a smile, without accepting anything in return.

Perhaps, you might be thinking what I am up to these days. Like you, I wake up to a pandemic. I think about our fragile world that is reeling in divisiveness.

However, your philanthropy gives me hope and it has made our organization strong. As the poet W.B. Yeats said we are “rooted like a laurel tree,” thanks to your generosity!

P.S. Please expect lesser phone calls, emails and Zoom meetings from me. Let trust define our relationship.

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