Confessions of an ex-materialist

My pursuit of life, liberty and hand sanitizers is over. I’ve been hurting the Great American economy by doing just this since March….

300 miles on my car; 1 oil change; 0 toll fees

0 new shirts; 0 new trousers; 0 coats (I like the way I look)

0 movies; 6 visits to McDonald’s

1 visit to Ross and I learned everything about US-China trade

1 restaurant trip, went back but they were gone

1 Ikea trip that felt surreal

1 weekly grocery trip when no one was around

6 trips to Baskin Robbins; 20 books on Amazon

10 goldfish to talk to; 20 plants to see

0 trips to the doctor; Telemedicine from Timbuktu

1 pair of tattered sandals; 3 cloth masks

20 bags of Cheetos; 10 bottles of hand sanitizers

0 hair cuts; a few random shaves

Most visited place: Home Depot

Places gone from memory: Macy’s, Kohl’s, Dillards, Best Buy, J.C. Penney, Starbucks, Barnes & Noble…..

“Desire is the cause for all suffering”-

Gautama Buddha

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