3 secrets to pivot your social media business

Many small business owners and independent contractors lost business during the pandemic and it’s impact has been simply devastating.

So, when Kami Huyse, CEO, Zoetica gave 3 noteworthy tips to pivot your business on social media, I was excited. Her common sense tips at an International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Houston meeting seemed very useful:

  1. See what your customer needs right now! Ask, listen and research and find out what your customer needs now and help them fulfill their need. Survey your customers, listen to what’s happening on their Facebook and LinkedIn feeds and do some test research.
  2. Guide customers to their destination. Once you know where your customer wants to move next, figure out a way to help them reach their destination. Understand their pain points, help cut out the noise and move forward fast. Explain how you are going to solve their immediate problem and what you’ve done before for them.
  3. Take them on to success. Understand their needs clearly and create a customer journey for your client. Always remember that your customer is the hero, so have a calm, collected plan and move forward.

These are timeless ideas you can use and thrive in any economic climate!

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