Will women stay in the workplace?

The lines have been blurred between work and home for most women, especially working mothers since the pandemic began early last year. According to the “Women in the workplace 2020” report by McKinsey, nearly 2 million women are considering leaving the workplace, setting back any progress made in employing women by at least 5 years.

For every 100 men promoted as managers only 85 women get promoted and this falls to 58 for black women and 71 for Latina women.

Women now play the role of parent, caregiver, always on employee, teacher and spends 1.5 times more time on housework and children than men. The pandemic has disproportionately affected black women who already had an unequal workplace.

The loss of women leaving the workplace will have detrimental effects on the economies of developed and developing nations. Considering where we are now, this might go on at least until late 2021.

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